Keeping our patients comfortable and at ease is an important part of Comfort Dental. Our dental office in New Hope, Minnesota, is happy to provide amenities for our patients, including:

  • DirectTV® — Every operatory has headphones and TV’s, allowing you to channel surf to your hearts content.
  • Free Wi-Fi — Enjoy wireless internet through our guest Wi-Fi.
  • Scented Towels & Blankets – Comfort is made manifest through soft blankets and cool towelettes.
  • Warm Lavender-Scented Neck Wraps — Aromatherapy helps keep you calm and content.
  • A Beverage Station — Enjoy bottled water, tea, hot chocolate and Caribou coffee.
  • A Children’s Play Area — Our toys and books for your little ones are sure to keep them entertained.
  • Advanced Technology —We use state-of-the-art dental technology to provide efficient care.

Every patient at our office is treated with a gentle touch by our dentists and team, helping create  a positive experience.

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